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p>The Maker skill is a skill that any classed player (Pirate, Thief, Warrior, Archer, or Magician – Sorry beginners!) can obtain at level 45. You do this by going to Stan, an NPC in Magatia. Stan will give you a quest to go see “Hughes the Fuse” in Orbis Tower B2. After talking to Hughes, merely go back to Stan, and he’ll give you the skill! He also hands you a guidebook on how to use this skill. When you get it, the skill will be at level 1. You may level up this skill by performing later quests at level 75, and finally 105. You must level the skill in order to forge higher level equips. Level 1 can only do equipments for level 50-70, level 2 can do 50-100, and level 3 can do 50-120 (and presumably higher level than this, should they ever exist.) You can set it to a Hotkey like most other skills.

You can use it to forge all the standard equips for your class, starting from level 50 (seeing as how weapons from 10-40 can simply be purchased from NPCs). In order to forge any particular equip, you must be at least 5 levels from being able to equip it. So, if I wanted to forge a level 70 weapon, I would need to be 65. No, this skill may NOT be used to forge Maple weapons, Common class items (such as earrings or capes), or “gachapon” items, such as Stonetooth Sword/Ribgol. It MAY be changed when it gets to JMS or other versions, to forge equipments native to those versions. This is far from confirmed, however.

You can forge Overalls, tops/bottoms (if that’s what your class uses.) Shoes, Gloves, Helms, and weapons (both of the weapons your class can use. So, if you are an archer, you could forge bows AND crossbows.) To forge something, you generall need several items in varying quantities, usually in direct relation to the level of an item (IE level 90 equips take much more to forge than a level 50 one). In some cases, such as for weapons, it uses items which we already have, like metal plates. Steel is particularly common for high level weapons (Steel plates go for as much as 4.5mil in KMS culverin right now. It’s insanity). however, all items need certain new things which come along with the maker Skill.
1. Magic Powder – Magic powder comes in a large variety of colors, and depending on what color your equipment is, you’ll need different magic powder. Think of it as dye. Since pretty much every class has dark equipment, Black powder is very much in demand, and tends to be rarer. Pirates need a lot of brown. Weapons typically don’t need powders, unless it’s a weapon that comes in a large variety of colors (Such as Scarabs or Arunds) These drop from monsters at about the rate of ores, so they aren’t usually too hard to acquire. The problem is finding a monster that drops the color you need.

2. Monster Crystals. Monster Crystals are forged from 100 ETC items from any monster. As new areas are released, the ETCs from those monsters are added (Such as Elin Forest monsters.) Monster crystals come in three grades, and are divided further into quality from that point. The quality and grade of a monster crystal are determined directly from the level of the monster that dropped the item. For example, if I went to hunt stone golems, I would get 100 Stone Golem Rubbles, and then use the Maker skill on them. They would forge a Low Grade Monster Crystal B, because Stone Golems are level 55. Only monsters over level 30 have ETC drops which can be used to make Monster Crystals. There is a SMALL chance that you can forge a higher quality Monster Crystal than the level range would indicate, however I have personally only had this happen when I used the skill many times in a row (Like after training, when I have 400 ETCs.) More testing needs to be done in this department.
Monster Crystal stats are as follows:

Low Grade Monster Crystal C
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 31-50.

Low Grade Monster Crystal B
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 51-60.

Low Grade Monster Crystal A
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 61-70.

Mid Grade Monster Crystal C
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 71-80.

Mid Grade Monster Crystal B
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 81-90.

Mid Grade Monster Crystal A
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 91-100.

High Grade Monster Crystal C
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 101-110.

High Grade Monster Crystal B
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 111-120.

High Grade Monster Crystal A
Forged from Monster ETCs from level 121-200.

Notice that the change between grades occurs at 70-80, and 100-110. this is significant because you may only level up your Maker Skill at level 75 and 105. You don’t have to be in a town or anything to use this skill, so if you fill up your inventory full of ETCs while training, you can take a moment on a safe spot and use this skill to consolidate your hundreds of ETCs to a handful of monster crystals. it’s pretty convenient.

Additionally, you can optionally add new “graded” jewels to the formula. These are made from your standard gems (Diamond, Garnet, etc.) by putting them through the maker skill and appraising them. Each time you do this, it takes 100k. It has a high rate of coming out as low grade, a fair rate of coming out as Mid grade, and a low rate of coming out as High grade. I think it’s 70%, 25%, 5%, but I’m not positive. The grade will be denoted by a tiny mark in the corner, like a scrolled item. To upgrade it, all you do is select from the drop down list the “Jewels” and then in the list beside it, pick out the jewel you are upgrading, and then hit go:

Like Legendary Spirit, it has a “loading bar” style, so you’ll have to wait a moment to see what you got. In this case, I got a low grade. The use of these graded jewels is totally optional.
The item usages are as follows (information provided by Loose, which was originally from a deleted post by Fiel on sleepywood):
Type of Crystal – Stat added – [Low Grade, Mid Grade, High Grade]
Diamond: Weapon Attack [1, 2, 3] – Only usable on weapons
Sapphire: Magic Attack [1, 2, 3] – Only usable on weapons
Garnet: Accuracy [2, 3, 5]
Opal: Avoid [2, 3, 5]
Aquamarine: Jump [1, 2, 3]
Amethyst: Speed [1, 2, 3]
Topaz: HP [10, 20, 30]
Emerald: MP [10, 20, 30]
Black Crystal: Random [1, 2, 3]
Dark Crystal: Random [2, 3, 5]
Power Crystal: STR [2, 3, 5]
DEX Crystal: DEX [2, 3, 5]
Wisdom Crystal: INT [2, 3, 5]
LUK Crystal: LUK [2, 3, 5]
Secret Crystal: Level Requirement [-1, -2, -3] – Not yet available in game.

[Low Grade, Mid Grade, High Grade]

Every different type of gem has a different affect on the end item. The stat crystals add the stat they are related to (IE, Dex Crystal will add Dex, etc.) Diamonds add weapon Attack, but they can only be used on weapons. Sapphire adds Magic attack, so it is a separate gem, and mages won’t have to deal with price hikes on Diamonds. It, too, only works on weapons. These don’t affect the slots at all, so you end up with an above average item with different stats on it. There’s no chance of the item breaking if you add a graded jewel to the formula. This is great, because you can use this skill to add a stat that isn’t normally found on something (For example, use a LUK crystal to add luck to an overall, or shoes) and then start tossing Chaos Scrolls on it. It really opens a lot of doors when used in conjunction with Chaos Scrolls.

For a Maker Skill at level 1, you can only use 1 jewel per formula. I believe the number of jewels you can use goes up as you level the skill, meaning that at 105 you could use a total of 3 jewels on one forged equip. They don’t all have to be the same jewels, either. Since a high grade Diamond will add 3 weapon attack. According to Blitzkrieg (Shrapnel of KMS), you may only use one of a jewel type per equip. One diamond, be it high grade or low grade. Now you see why this skill is useful, no? pineappleing godly.

On top of all that, you can use stimulators to forge things as well. They created Overall Stimulators and hat stimulators and so on now, so there’s a stimulator available if you choose to use one. stimulators DO, however, add a chance of failing to the item, which at default is 10%. The higher your Hands stat is (OMFG HANDS IS USED FOR SOMETHING), the lower the failure rate is, but this doesn’t lower the odds of the item coming out below. Since Hands is calculated from total Dex+Int+Luk, warriors and Infighters (who have mostly STR) are really screwed over by this. archers and gunslingers will have a harder time than Mages and Thieves, who will have their Hands at maximum. Stimulators can also be used in conjunction with graded jewels. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend using a stimulator, because the benefit of having it is outweighed by the odds of it ruining your item.

There’s also a series of quests associated with the skill that involve using it to forge special quest items. It’s pretty neat, but in the end it’s a decoy for collecting the items to forge the quest item.

One other thing

, is that there’s a “Mystery forging” option. You can put whatever materials you want in there and try to forge something. I have no idea what it’s for and I’ve never been able to make anything in this way. I assume that if you knew the formula to forge an equipment from another class, you could use this option to make it, however I can’t confirm this. It also costs mesos to forge items, however the amount is typically a pittance in comparison to the items’ cost, though it is almost always higher than the NPC price of that item.

Some downsides to this skill system? For one, it requires refined gems, however you can’t use this skill to make ores into refined gems. This means you’ll almost always have to hike off to a town with a refining NPC. It can also get quite expensive, what with 100k to grade a refined jewel and meso costs to forge items. You can’t add the jewels to a pre-existing item, so poorly scrolled items and below average ones will take a hit when this is released. On top of this, since each type of jewel now has 4 forms (The ordinary refined, ungraded form, and the three grades) you’ll be wasting a LOT more ETC space on this. I previously speculated that people would create new mules for the sole purpose of carrying excess gems, Monster Crystals, and Magic Powders.




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